• SEO NET Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

    First of all your business must have a Marketing Strategy so that SEO NET professionals can develop a Digital Marketing Strategy accordingly. Segments of the market and approach methods must be clear so SEO NET digital marketing professionals can determine the priority of the social media platforms and marketing techniques like social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing ... Our marketing professionals will help you if you don't have any marketing strategy at all.

    If you don't know where you are heading, how can we help you to get there?

  • Website Design & Development

    Your Website is the hub of you marketing strategy. Website should work like a conversion engine, converting the web traffic to your goals. Social media posts, mass emails, mass text messages should contain links to website so that the web traffic increases and can be monitored through analytic tools.

    SEO NET provides custom web application development and CMS customizations services. Wordpress has the 60.6% of the CMS Market and 23.3% of all websites.

  • Measuring & Monitoring

    ROI (return of investment) is our main concern. The website traffic, goal conversion rate and all the marketing efforts must be measured. Tangible KPIs must determined and results must be reviewed according to them. The marketing strategy needs to be updated according to the results.

    Don't forget: Results are just the beginnings.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    Google has the 62% of the desktop search market and 93% of the  mobile & tablet search market. Google makes the rules, updates them with Panda & Penguin updates.  We analyze the competition, determine the keywords, provide SEO relevant content, develop and update the website according to SEO rules, increase website traffic and use socal media marketing strategies to promote your business. But we don't guarantee first page results and we strongly suggest you to stay away from snake oil salesmen.

    SEO is not a rocket science. It is simple, but it doesn't mean it is easy. There is a difference!

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the trend topic of Digital World. There are 1.96 billion Social Media users online. They are one click away from you! But Social Media is not a free media to advertise it is a great opportunity to listen, tell your story, provide feedback, create better products, have more evangelized customers and reach more people!

    It is not what they are talking about you, it is what they whisper!

  • Email Marketing

    SEO NET helps you to build and categorize your email lists, plan your campaigns, develop content for your emails, design, run the campaigns and measure our efforts.

    Digital Marketing is no longer about e-mail vs SEO or website design vs social media; there is no such as single solution!

  • Mobile Marketing

    SEO NET develop mobile applications for Android & IOS.

  • Online PR & Reputation Management

    SEO NET helps you to raise online profile of your business. We manage reputation by monitoring, assessing and responding. We help you to promote through online channels like Online Press (Media) Releases, blogger outreach, article syndication, company blog and social media engagement.

    SEO NET helps you to monitor online conversations, track company name, names of executives, competitors, all with negatives and terms related to industry.